1. You are demanding

Professionalism is vital for me !

  • You are conscious of the importance of top quality communications.
  • You insist on more than just a pretty design.
  • It is the alchemy between a strong image, a coherent and attractive message and an emotive text which makes the difference.

  • You demand that the quality of the writing is impeccable because you know only too well that your credibility is at risk.

épic & pixel will work in close collaboration with you in the planning and execution of your project. We are attentive to not only the big picture, but also the little details, in particular the text, which can make or break your communications.

2. You need to delegate your communications

I want someone to look after all my comms; from A to Z!

  • You're a small business, don't have an internal marketing or communications department. Maybe you do, but they are too stretched.
  • You'd prefer to work with one unique contact who really "gets" your brand, rather than a plethora of suppliers with different approaches and interpretations.
  • Your communications agency has to manage your brand and its communications in their entirety.

  • You are persuaded that it is critical for your brand to maintain a consistency between all your communications.
  • You are fully aware that marketing strategy and promotional planning are interdependent.

épic & pixel can, if you so wish, look after one, several or all functions related to your communications - web, copy writing, design and marketing.

3. You have an internal target audeince

I have to communicate in English and French too.

  • You realise only too well the importance of communicating as effectively in French (or other languages) as you do in English.
  • A word for word translation simply is not adequate.

épic & pixel guarantee the quality of your campaign and its writing, whether in English or French. It will be adapted to the nuances of each language and the needs of your clients, respecting at all times the personality and style of your brand.

4. You want to create some epic communications

We want our brand to engage our clients.

  • You know that your communications must always reinforce your brand's identity.
  • Differentiating your brand from your competitors is important for you.
  • Satisfying the needs of your clients. That is your priority.

Specialising in marketing, épic & pixel understands you. Our goal is to provide you with relevant and original solutions which are not born of a whim, but are the fruit of strategic thinking.

Who is épic & pixel ?
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