Natural animal shampoo labels

MISSION Create an identity, logo and labels for new animal shampoo range
OBJECTIVE Position brand as being natural and ecologic

We were delighted to help out a local animal charity with their fundraising through the creation of a range of natural shampoo products.

La Ferme de Doudou in Agde treats abandoned animals and, where possible, finds homes for them. The creator, André Chatelet is not only a saint, but incredible entrepreneur too!

The shampoo, that she created, is made purely from natural ingredients and contains no silicone or paraben - great for the health of the animals and the planet. It also promises to leaves the animal's fur smooth and soft - making your animal even more snugable!

We helped André create a series of labels - one for each animal - in a 250ml and 100ml format.

A worthwhile identity

The identity had to communicate that the product was natural above all, however we felt it was also important to show that by using the shampoo, the owners were really taking care of their little furballs!

To achieve this we highlighted the rational benefits - 0% silicon and paraben - and that the proceeds were going to a good cause. We also took a slightly original slant on the slogan "Votre cher chien/chat/lapin... merit les poils doux et brillant" and the instructions to reinforce the emotional benefits.

The main image showed all the animals in the range, highlighting the specific one that the specific bottle was targeting. A different colour was used to distinguish each animal too.

Go and check out La Ferme de Doudou's site and maybe buy a bottle of two for your bundles of fun?

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