Creation of a website for the energetic arts: Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong

energetic arts website
MISSION Create a website for ASSOTAO
OBJECTIVE Promote the health benefits of the Chinese energetic arts Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong.

Creating ASSOTAO's first ever website was a challenging and inspiring project right from the off.

Our goal was to produce a responsive site which communicated clearly ASSOTAO's different courses and events in and around Béziers and Agde. It clearly had to be optimised for search engines and smartphones too. However, the main thing we wanted to convey to future browsers was the real emotional and health values Tai Chi and Qi Gong can bring.

We also needed to highlight the additional benefits the teachers, Sylvain and Frédérique, offer to new apprentices. They aren't just any old teachers after all. They have had the 'teaching' transmitted directly from Grand Masters in China and Paris.

A project packed full of energy

assotao logo

It was a pleasure working closely with Sylvain and Frédérique to really get a sense of what they wanted to communicate. Which wasn't always easy to express in words: the emotions, the techniques, the practice.

Only then could we hope to do it justice graphically, photographically and through the choice of slogans.

Through our discussions it gradually became apparent what the core benefits of the practice were. They could be summarised in three words: vitalité, équilibre and sérénité (we don't think anyone needs us to translate that into English!).

So, rather than come up with a fancy slogan, we decided it would be more powerful to simply incorporate the words within the logo.

The words were placed within a trigram from the traditional Chinese I-Ching Book of Changes beneath silhouettes created of Sylvain and Frédérique in action.

Kun Triad I Ching

As you are no doubt about to ask, the trigram used with 3 broken lines is known as "Kun" which represents the Earth and a state of " receptivity" - ideal for learning.

We reinforced this theme throughout the site - within the banners, the photos, slide-show and text, combining it with a sobre colour scheme and informative tone of voice to create a holistic brand identity.



We could of course have taken the easy route and stuck up some photos from the client directly or bought some 'touchy-feely' photo library shots. However, that would kill the authenticity, the emotion and the connection we were striving for. Remember, we also needed to show the expertise of Sylvain and Frédérique too.

So instead we spent an enjoyable summer evening taking photos of Sylvain and Frédérique in various Tai-Chi Chuan and Qi Gong postures. They showed us a mind-blowing array of movements - combining control, stability and a lot of patience as we sought the perfect pose and the perfect angle!

We then treated the photos to be in synergy with the brand id and created the banners demonstrating 'vitalité', 'équilibre' and 'sérénité' in full flow!

The site is constantly evolving, as any site should. Why not go an check it out? Maybe you could even be tempted to practice an energetic art yourself!

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