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You've got a range of products that you're looking to sell direct or via a catalogue
Our team has lots of experience, not only in the graphic design of catalogues, but also in copywriting and photography - making sure you have a professional looking result!

eco & pixel

  • Perfect for a small or very small business

You've already defined your style and brand identity and can provide us with all the necessary graphics as well as the text and a specification explaining precisely what you want. We can then lay out your catalogue for you for a very reasonable rate.

All images to be supplied in CYMK format (300 dpi). You must have the right to use the images too of course! Copy provided by client. Copychecking and print available. Two digital proofs included with one round of amendments. Extra corrections = 50 € HT/h.

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epic creations

  • Because you value originality and professionalism

Your catalogue is a visual representation of your company. It's your brand in physical form and you want it to live and breathe your values and identity.

Following a briefing session, we'll present promotional concepts that attract, and keep, the attention of your target market, whilst boosting your brand identity.

We can help you with writing copy that will engage your clients and give them the desire to buy your products and become faithful to your brand. We can also help write your product descriptions to make them look more professional, attractive, easy to understand and coherent. There's nothing worse than a hotchpotch of styles on one hand or bland repetitions on the other.

To make sure your catalogue gives off a top quality image, we can also offer to take photos of your products, team or even buildings and can treat the images in Photoshop.

You're looking to target an international market too? Great, we can also help you create an English or bilingual version too.

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