graphic design

Design agency, graphic designer, page layout, etc.

Are you looking for an agency for your graphic design needs, perhaps for page layouts or printed communications and marketing literature?

You will be inundated by choice. Everywhere.

What separates épic & pixel from many of them is that we are not satisfied with just an attractive look.

If you so desire, we will work closely with you to create a harmony and coherence between your promotional message, your visual mechanisms and the copy. This will result in a communication that is on-brand, persuasive and with a real emotional pull.


  • concept creation
  • graphic design
  • page layout
  • web design


  • photo & video reportage
  • product photos & videos
  • image manipulation


  • identity
  • brand guidelines
  • advertising


  • catalogues
  • brochures, flyers
  • web
  • newsletters

Our creation, graphic design and page layout services

épic & pixel is at your side for the creation of all your marketing material.

1. Page layout

I need clear and professional layouts

Have you already got all the graphic elements you need and the text at your disposal? Perhaps even your brand guidelines? Well, then if you can give us a precise brief we can simply put the information together on page professionally for you.

  • Printed material such as flyers, catalogues, brochures etc.
  • Websites
  • Printed or HTML newsletters
  • Adverts or banners
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2. Conceptualisation

Give me a concept that's original and on-brand

However, saying that, we would like to do more for you. A whole lot more. So that your promotional campaigns and your brand identity are optimised to the limit.

Our marketing and design experitise can help you:

  • Define your brand identity
  • Create or evolve your logo
  • Position your brand against its competitiors
  • Imagine relevant and inspirational slogans, promotional messages and campaign themes.
  • Develop promotional concepts that really engage your targets
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3. Photography & imagery

web redaction contenu
Image is everything

An image speaks a thousand words. We all know that. However, which words do your images really evoke?

The choice of image, the "mise en scène" and the quality of the photo all play a critical role in your communication.

If the synergy is present, it can transform your communications and help your brand stand out. On the flip side, if the quality is not there, all your efforts might as well be thrown in the bin. That is why we like to look after this important element of your comms too.

  • Photo reportage
  • Product photos, employees, offices etc.
  • Photo manipulation
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