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A digital marketing agency...and lots more!

Yes, we are a digital marketing agency. Yes, we create websites and yes, we write optimised copy and carry out online marketing. But no it doesn't end there...

épic & pixel is here to boost your online visibility. Obviously. However, we imagine that you are a tad more demanding than that. You want to woo your clients, stimulate them and seduce them so that they fall in love with your brand and your products.

Excellent idea ! We will be at your side, like a loyal friend, to not only create your webste, but also to help build a buzz around your brand and develop your relation with prospects and clients alike. How? Read on...


  • responsive websites
  • mobile sites
  • e-commerce


  • copywriting
  • optimised for web
  • social media
  • copywriting in French

web design

  • graphic design
  • responsive design


  • SEO
  • online strategy
  • publicity

Our online services : web site creation and internet-marketing

épic & pixel can create a website for you; a nice one too. However, we would like to do so much more for you so your online presence has real impact.

1. Creating your website

I want a fully optimised site

Let's start with the foundations: your website.

We would be absolutely thrilled to build you a website that conforms to your desires.

  • A responsive website that adapts to the size of the user's screen (mobile, tablet, PC, etc.)
  • A CMS (e.g. Joomla!): A website that allows you to administer the content yourself
  • An e-commerce site such as Prestashop.
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2. Getting the look right

conception graphique
I really want a distinctive identity

The foundations and usability of of your site are important. However, we suppose that you would like your site to stand out and boost your brand-image in the process.

Our marketing, web-design and design expertise is at your service for:

  • creating a site that adds value to your brand and positions it clearly - and strongly- against your competitors.
  • optimising the usability of your site, so that clients can navigate easily no matter what device they are using (telephone, PC, tablet, etc.)
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3. Crafting the copy

rédaction en ligne / SEO
Quality online copy is paramount

A nice site is, well...nice. However, you are also going to need content and good quality, incisive content at that.

Good content will please search engines, like Google and Bing, as well as charming and encouraging repeat visits from potential and existing clients.

Our expertise in marketing, and writing in English and French is at your disposition for:

  • copywriting and optimising your text for the web (SEO)
  • creating articles for your blog or social media pages
  • proof-reading or re-writing your text
  • re-writing your content in French (or from French to English)
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4. Marketing online

I'd appreciate some help with my online marketing too

You have a nice site and it is well written. Is that enough?

Potential clients still need to find your site and existing ones encouraged to return. We need to develop their relation with your brand. The difference with épic & pixel is that you will work with an expert in marketing and web-marketing rather than with a developper or a designer.

  • Marketing audit of your actual site
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Advertising (SEA) e.g. Google Adwords, Adsense)
  • Social Media Management
  • Advertising and campaign management
  • Loyalty, customer retention, HTML newsletters
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Internet sites for all

site Internet hello !

For an economical online presence

from 395 € HT

With our "Hello" formula, you can benefit from a professional looking website containing all the essential information you need to communicate for less than you imagined!

  • Ideal for sole traders, small businesses or tight budgets
  • One responsive page (adaptable to mobile devices)
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Slideshow
  • Contact form
  • Creation of domaine name and email addresses

site Intent

For a medium sized site, modifiable

site intent
from 795 € HT

Our "Intent" formula allows small companies with big ambitions the possibility to have an attractive medium sized site and grow it.

  • CMS (Joomla!) self-administrable
  • Possibility to add or modify content yourself
  • Creation of 6 pages
  • Responsive site (adaptable to mobile devices)
  • Content optimisation
  • Slideshows, Google Maps, etc.
  • Contact form
  • Creation of your domaine name and email addresses

épic website

Pour epic communications

site internet ID
price according to specifications

our formula épic is aimed at businesses who are aware of the importance that their site must be on-brand. We'll create a site completely customised and coherent photos, illustrations, copy and promotional messagesso as to make your brand shine!.

  • Design coherent with your brand ID
  • Distinctive strategic concept
  • Responsive site (adapted to mobile devices)
  • Tailored copy
  • Content optimisation
  • Professionnel photogprahy
  • Slideshows, Google Maps, etc.
  • Contact forms
  • Creation of your domaine name and email addresses
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