Written communication and professional copywriting

Do you really want to hook your reader? Truly?

Well our written communication and professional copywriting services can add that little touch of magic, intrigue or "buzz" to your brand whilst ensuring an all important clarity and precision to your communications.

Our copywriters and proof-readers will work directly with you and will be integrated within the whole creative process. This will ensure a synergetic and professional result, whether in English, French or both.


  • copywriting
  • web articles
  • SEO
  • in French

proof reading

  • proofing
  • correction
  • editing


  • websites
  • books
  • brochures
  • flyers, etc.


  • author support
  • brand id
  • tone of voice guidelines

Our written communication, copywriting and proofing services.

You see it every day - communications placing more emphasis on the visual side than the words. Big mistake. The choice and use of words has at least as much importance as the design for defining your brand's character and communicating its professionalism, trust and credibility. The state of Nirvana, however, comes about when the two elements work harmoniously together.

épic & pixel value this vital aspect of communication. We always strive to marry the impact of a strong design with the emotions and rationale of the copy.

1. Proof reading of your text

lecture correction
One word and all is saved, one word and all is lost.

André Breton

Professional proof reading services:

  • Verify vocabulary, sequences of tenses, spelling, etc.
  • Re-writing of your text, suggesting dynamic, active and precise alternatives
  • Assuring coherence of your copy and that it is on-brand.
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2. Content writing

Words written on paper, even more so than speech, remain engraved in the hinterland of the memory.

Pierre Assouline

We have all heard, proclaimed so frequently, "Content is king".

However, all too often the content is written first or in complete isolation from the design. We believe that communication is stronger when both elements are conceived simultaneously - or at least adapted. In this way the synergy between the two is optimised and your brand is the winner. Our writers, qualified in copywriting and experts en marketing, offer the following services:

  • Conception, in collaboration with you, of your text, messages and slogans for your material
  • Copywriting of your web content - assuring that it is optimised for the search engines
  • Creation of blog articles or social media content.
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3. Communicate in French and English

redaction anglaise
Our international image is of critical importance

Cast your net wider and capture more international clients by communicating in English and French.

Warning! A direct word for word translation can result in the opposite effect from what you intended.

Avoid looking ridiculous or being misunderstood and let our native French and English writers, specialising in marketing communications, look after your copywriting.

  • French and English copywriting conceived together to best target both markets
  • SEO in both languages to obtain more traffic to your website and more potential clients.
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4. Other specialist services

services écriture

Our expert in the French language, copywriter and proof-reader, also offers several other services:

  • Training courses in spelling and grammar for businesses
  • Author support
  • Correction of annual reports and other documents.
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