A communications agency, near Agde and Béziers in the Hérault (34) France, that goes deeper

If you trust our agency, épic & pixel, in Bessan - next to Agde and Béziers in the Hérault - with your communications, you won't need to choose between aesthetics and essence.

Have you experienced first-hand that the key elements of a communication project tend to be worked on independently? The client all too often writes the text and the communications agency or the graphic designer inserts it in his page layout.

At épic & pixel we are convinced that style reveals depth. That's why we always seek a real synergy between an appropriate and well-thought-out visual concept (based on the real needs of your audience) and convincing copy. With everything working hand-in-hand we can strive for a real epic communication that helps your brand truly shine from deep down.

Our services ....

Website design & creation

web design
Creation of responsive websites for any budget.
  • We create sites to attract and hook your target audience as well as search engines.

Graphic design

graphic design
Graphic design of publicity material
  • We create all sorts of material (brochures, flyers, marketing direct...) - distinctive and on-brand of course.


Copywriting multi-média / SEO
  • Our copy is imagined to engage your target audience and transmit your brand's values.


Marketing advice, strategy and campaign management
  • We make sure a real marketing thought process is behind all our concepts.

Entrust your project to marketing and communications experts

who is épic & pixel ?

épic & pixel combine the forces of real professionals in communication.

With our experience and knowledge we will ensure that your campaigns go further than just a nice presentation.

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